• School Advisory Council

    Advisory leadership group that enables the Catholic school to fulfill its mission. 
  • An effective School Advisory Council has parishioners with various areas of expertise, including public relations, finance, development, grant writing, and curriculum. Membership on the School Advisory Council requires a commitment involving at least one monthly meeting with Committee work between meetings.

    It is an essential group in...

    • the development of the school's long-range plans,
    • giving advice on the budget,
    • participating in recruitment,
    • and acting as a public relations and marketing arm of the school.

    The Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Advisory Council is comprised of the Executive Pastor of the school, the Principal, and three Council members from each of the four parishes participating in this regional school. Council members must be 21 years of age and may not be an employee or family member of an employee of any of the four parishes or the school.

    The School Advisory Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. The School Advisory Council does not meet in December or July.

  • “Any person, parishioner, parent, organization or group from any of the sponsoring parishes desiring to address a meeting of the council must notify the president or principal not less than three days prior to the meeting. The petitioner shall be notified by the president or principal of the time allotted on the agenda for them to address the council, which is not to exceed five minutes. Only individuals who have been allotted time on the agenda will be allowed to speak during the meeting. However, the notification requirement and/or the time limit may be waived for an individual by a majority vote of the council.”

    — Article 9.4 of the School Advisory Constitution Accord