i-Ready Assessment

  • Effective the 2019-20 school; year, in place of NWEA MAP testing, CJB implemented, through the Archdiocese, the i-Ready Assessment in grades K-8 as our school wide assessment in reading and math.

    i-Ready is an interactive online program that is designed to not only provide an assessment of student progress, but also an individualized instructional plan for each student. i-Ready starts the process with an adaptive diagnostic test that identifies the students’ current academic level.

    As a result of the i-Ready process, teachers gain real-time access to reports that identify the needs of your child and is given additional curricular resources to continue and accelerate student growth on select assessed standards. Parents also receive detailed reports of where their children are performing including a target score for the next assessment, as well as their child’s Lexile range used for selecting the correct reading level for your child. i-Ready also provides students a digital instruction supplement where students are able to work independently on targeted activities based on your students’ needs.