• Our Philosophy of Education

  • Our goal is to prepare students to be life-long learners as well as responsible members of their community, to be able to interact with people of all races and nationalities as they go out into the world.

    We believe that the focus of the Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Catholic School experience is to motivate students to learn, which in turn, will enhance their self-esteem. Parents play a critical role in the support and enhancement of the educational and faith development of their child. Organized parental involvement is encouraged. 

    Cardinal Bernardin School supports the Mission of each of the four sponsoring parishes while building a school community of believers. Modeling after the life of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, all members of the school community will work together to build a faith community where peace is pervasive, and respect for all of God’s people is expected.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

    The Cardinal Bernardin School will incorporate multidisciplinary approaches to meet the learning needs of each student. By fostering a non-competitive environment, the children will develop a positive attitude toward their individual learning abilities, while being challenged to meet the highest academic standards.

    The Curriculum Guide

    The curriculum will be a balanced guide to meet the needs of the whole child. All areas of the curriculum will teach children how to think critically and express themselves clearly. The use of and training in technology will support the ongoing trends in education. The curriculum will build upon community resources to teach life-coping skills.