Inclusive Education

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    Helping educate all students
  • Inclusive Education Program

    CJB School endeavors to educate all students with in the school’s educational program and available resources.  An Inclusive Education Director/Teacher is on the professional staff of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin School.

    The Inclusive Education Director/Teacher will;

    • Meet with the student and parents to assist the student in reaching his/her academic goals specific to the curriculum of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin School.
    • Consult with classroom teachers to provide effective classroom strategies and/or modifications for the student.
    • Act as coordinator and liaison to arrange for Services that may be provided by the local school district for the students who are eligible and qualify for district support.
    • Oversee the school’s Rtl program which includes teacher observations and assistance.
    • Prepare and oversee intervention and ICEP plans in coordination with each student and his/her parents.

    Overview of Program

    The Individual Catholic Education Plan (ICEP)

    CJB utilizes i-Ready, which consists of two parts: Diagnostic and Instruction. This program is used for reading and mathematics, and it will help teachers determine student need, personalize learning, and monitor student progress. i-Ready helps teachers meet students where they are and build on their existing academic skills.


  • IEC Contact

    Mrs. Julie Budlove
    Director of Inclusive Education
    (708) 403-6525, ext. 137