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    Helping educate all students
  • Inclusive Education Program

    CJB School endeavors to educate all students with in the school’s educational program and available resources.  An Inclusive Education Director/Teacher is on the professional staff of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin School.

    The Inclusive Education Director/Teacher will;

    • Meet with the student and parents to assist the student in reaching his/her academic goals specific to the curriculum of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin School.
    • Consult with classroom teachers to provide effective classroom strategies and/or modifications for the student.
    • Act as coordinator and liaison to arrange for Services that may be provided by the local school district for the students who are eligible and qualify for district support.
    • Oversee the school’s Rtl program which includes teacher observations and assistance.
    • Prepare and oversee intervention and ICEP plans in coordination with each student and his/her parents.

    Overview of Program

    The Individual Catholic Education Plan (ICEP)


    In the fall students in grades K-8 will no longer be assessed with the AIMSweb Benchmark Testing.  During the school year CJB students will take an assessment called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).  The MAP assessment will be used to determine students' instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year. 
    Below is a link for parents with information about MAP assessments.  

    Student Services

    Two psychology externs are available to provide services to students.  They may provide regular classroom instruction in social skills and problem-solving and they are also available for individual referrals by teachers and parents.  Externs are under the direct supervision of a licensed Clinical Psychologist.  The Extern program can provide individual and group counseling for social, emotional, and family concerns.  In these instances, parental permission and a signed consent form are required.  Students may be referred for services by teachers or parents may request services by contacting the externs at extension 182.

  • IEC Contact

    Ms. Leah Duszynski
    Director of Inclusive Education
    (708) 403-6525, ext. 155