• Class Overview

    Our essential classes improve developmental skills and academic performance.
  • Art

    Expressing what we think and how we feel through our creativity.  Drawing, cutting, pasting, discovering line, shape, space, form, color and texture, sculpting in clay – getting messy!  Learning about artists. Viewing art work to help us not just look at our world but really see it and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. 

    • Ms. Beth Cotton
  • Library/Media Center

    Enjoy the wonders of books by being read to and by reading our own books.  Explore the world of books both fiction and nonfiction. Lots to discover as we learn all about how the library system is organized and become familiar with all of the genres of literature. A fun place to be is at Cardinal Bernardin School Library!

    • Ms. Winnie Lau
  • Music

    Students at CJB learn musical concepts by singing, playing, composing, improvising, and dancing to a wide variety of music.  They use basic concepts that they learn in elementary school to explore music in a more complex way when they are older.  Our student centered curriculum fosters lifelong musical understanding, confidence, and appreciation.

    • Mrs. Megan Marshall
      Music Teacher
  • Physical Education

    One of the greatest things about physical activity and play are that they make us healthier.   Physical education is a place where students get to move rather than just exercise.


    • Mrs. Pat Cesario
      Physical Education Teacher

      Mrs. Pat Cesario

      Physical Education Teacher
  • Religion/Liturgies

    Through the example of the staff and the daily experiences of the curriculum, children learn the truths of our faith, study and appreciate Scripture, participate more deeply in parish life, experience a variety of liturgies and prayer services, and respond to the call of service of those in need.

    • Mrs. Mary Vlaming
      Religion Coordinator
  • Spanish

    CJB’s Spanish Program is an academically stimulating and enriching program for developing oral proficiency in Spanish. Students are exposed to the Spanish language and develop the necessary skills to communicate in Spanish, while learning to respect other cultures in the world.  Our curriculum promotes a near exclusive use of Spanish during class time in a variety of settings.  These include activities as a whole class, as partners, and as individuals with the teacher. We incorporate culture through art, handicrafts, dance, music, songs, holidays and culinary experiences.

    • Mrs. Alexia Calderon
      Spanish Teacher
  • Technology

    Technology is incorporated into all grade levels at CJB. The computer curriculum enhances the classroom curriculum, while teaching word processing, spread sheet, multimedia, robotics, and coding skills using MicroSoft Office applications, LEGO Robotics, and Hour of Code/KhanAcademy. Kindergarten students start their technology instruction by learning how to use a mouse and becoming familiar with the keyboard. Projects introduce kindergartners to Word and Paint applications. First through 3rd grade students expand on these applications and also are introduced to Excel and PowerPoint. Formal keyboarding instruction is introduced in third grade.  In fourth grade students learn how to use Publisher and 5th graders are introduced to programming using LEGO We-Do building kits. Sixth graders practice and expand their knowledge of these applications and 7th graders learn how to create a movie using MovieMaker.  By eighth grade, the students are proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, MovieMaker, have been introduced to computer coding, and can type at least 25 wpm with proper keyboarding technique.

    • Mrs. Julie Budlove
      Computer Teacher