Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool)

  • Class Overview

    Our pre-kindergarten (preschool) program has four dedicated classes.
  • Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool)

    Experiencing the wonder and awe of the world around us, developing a love of learning, creating music and art, and forming friendships with one another…our journey begins…

    • Balanced curriculum introduces academics while still allowing imaginative play.
    • Focus on socialization skills including working and playing with others, sharing, following simple rules and routines, and listening to the teacher.
    • Students are encouraged to become more independent as they carry out simple tasks.
    • Utilize new technologies to enhance learning and experience the fine arts.
    • Mrs. Paula Anastos
      Half-Day Pre-K3 Teacher
    • Mrs. Sarah Pinta
      Pre-K 4 Teacher
    • Ms. Kylen Schmitz
      Pre-K 3 Teacher
    • Ms. Jen Hawes
      Pre-K 4 Teacher