Preparing CJB students for the 21st Century

January 20, 2016

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin students are carrying more than just their backpacks to school this year – they are carrying Chromebooks too!  The Chromebooks were introduced this year to enhance our curriculum and allow CJB students to experience 21st Century learning.  CJB students began the year using the Chromebook as a tool to learn about the skills of a good digital citizen, completing and earning their Digital Passport from Common Sense Media.  Their language arts materials, math materials and social studies text, along with Scholastic News used in social studies, are digital.  Numerous apps are used regularly to reinforce spelling and vocabulary, as well as help with keyboarding practice.  There is a writing program they use frequently. Religion reviews are provided through a website and completed on the Chromebook.  Google Docs, Slides, and Draw allow for interactive, collaborative work and Google Classroom is allowing students to hand in work digitally, where it can be graded by the teacher and feedback can be given electronically.  Kahn Academy provides both support and challenge in math and Read Theory is a differentiated site allowing students to build vocabulary and comprehension skills. Another benefit of the Chromebooks…the students’ backpacks are lighter, so not as many textbooks to carry home!

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